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Hit Confirm Live Episode 25: Fanatiq On Blast

Hosts: Clinton ‘Young Navigator” BowmanTony Ortiz

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We have officially reached the Quarter-Century mark in terms of official episodes, and we’re pretty hyped about our future in the Fighting Game Community! However, with all the good that comes with being a part of the FGC, you must also accept the not-so-good, and this episode mainly focused on that, as we officially ended our Saga of Drama by closing the book on AGE|Fanatiq’s tirades, as well as The On Blast Show, whose chanel was closed by Twitch management this past Tuesday night. We also got a chance to look at what we wanted in the new Guilty Gear game, GGXrd-Sign, as well as the first few Marvel characters in Justin Wong’s UMVC3 tier list, hosted on

Tonight on Force Break Television

Force Breakers!

Tonight on Force Break Television:

Hit Confirm Live: Clinton and Tony focus on Fanatiq’s latest rant about Tournament players having the option of getting paid like Tournament Organizers, the delayed release of Guilty Gear Accent Core XX +R, possibly pushing the release date into 2014, as well as the latest saga in On Blast Drama.

Persona 4 Ultimate Ranbat Reboot: Night of Champions: Join us as we crown the champion of Season 1 in a six-man one-night tournament. From tournament champions such as Grover, to local players such as DigiOps, we have a spectrum of players via netplay to go toe-to-toe!

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Hope to see everyone tonight!

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This Week on Hit-Confirm Live: What’s Wrong with the FGC?

There was a lot of “drama” surrounding this past weekend’s Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, hosted by Adam ‘Keits’ Heart in Chicago, IL, and most of it coming from the MK “community,” as well as AGE-sponsored player, FlashMetroid. Clinton Bowman and Tony Pulice have a lot to say after hearing what The On Blast Show had to say concerning the matter, and the opinions are strong with these two.

Will the statements from Clinton and Tony contribute to quelling the minority’s cacophony within the FGC, or will their statements incite discord?

Also on tap for this week:

- Juju being removed as a potential DLC character for SkullGirls

- Updates on Force Break Television Content

and more!

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Information on Force Break TV’s Persona 4 Arena Ranbats, as well as the upcoming Tournament of Champions!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are at the end of the season for the Persona 4 Arena Ranbat Reboot, hosted by Force Break Television! Congratulations to TectalEastside for taking the season! Check after the jump for the official final results!

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This Week on Hit-Confirm Live!

We had a big console reveal this week, and we’re going to break down what it means for the Fighting Game Community, as well as gamers and consumers.

Also this week on Hit-Confirm Live:

- SkullGirls coming to Japan via the NESiCAxLive system
- SNK Playmore possibly looking into 3D versions of Samurai Shodown & The King of Fighters
- New Character announced for DiveKick

as well as updates on Saturday Night Fights & P4A Ranbat Reboot, and a possible re-branding of Radio Under the Influence Television!

All Out Thursdays - XBL Persona 4 Arena Ranbats Standings

Well, it’s been 4 weeks, and we have the official standings for the Persona 4 Arena Ranbats that are hosted every Thursday Night at 10pm (

Here is a summary of how the ranbats operate:

The ranbat season ends once someone amasses 50 POINTS. Once that occurs, the top SIX (6) scoring players will meet in a Single Elimination, 3/5 Tournament to determine the overall champion of the season. Be on your A-game, because the season can end either very quickly, or take quite some time.

NOTE: If the season ends THIS WEEK, there will be a one week break before the 6 man Playoff Tournament, which will take place on June 6th. After the 6 man Playoff, we will start Season 2 on June 13th!

Last week’s Brackets < - click for last week’s results!

Standings after the jump!

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The Life and Times of Tony Ortiz #4 - Tier Lists: Why are They Important

First off, why do we discuss tier lists? Well it’s something to do in between watching high level play. It will help you learn your likely match-ups and prepare for them in some cases, but really it’s fun conversation and nothing more. The obviously broken characters are obviously broken and are quickly nerfed in this day and age or banned in the years passed before patching. We occasionally discuss a top player’s take on the state of balance in a game and I just thought it would be good to preface what we can’t fit into an hour-long podcast each week when these topics might come up.

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The Life and Times of Tony Ortiz #3 - Why I’m Hype for DiveKick

So there is a lot of stuff in the fighting game scene that is on the way this year that is exciting for me. Last year we finally got Tekken Tag 2 and it did not disappoint. But this year, I am getting everything else I wanted except for CvS3. A new Blazblue towards the end of year that addresses almost everything that I wanted. The Guilty Gear +R update that gives me the same in almost everything that I wanted. Then there is the potential for a great title update for Skullgirls but after seeing today’s results for the two fan voted characters, I’m very skeptical. I thought at least one of the three characters I really liked was a lock to get into the game. Today I saw what I think is the problem with Skullgirls. The massive financial pockets that support the game’s funding campaigns are starting to come into a great focus with what characters get through. I think it’s clear that the people who funded a massive part of Skullgirls are against any male characters making it in and they have the votes to overcome what the consensus of the internet fighting game community thought the game really needed in it’s two new characters. The biggest problem about getting your funding this way, is the risk that you have to cater to an audience that will control your content in a way that alienates the rest of your potential players. I think this is a quite similar hurdle to the anime community hurdle that Person 4 Arena scene has, which we have been discussing lately. So I’m not ready to get into bed with Skullgirls yet for the affore mentioned reasons, despite my fanatical devotion to Mike Z and protecting the skies. However, there is one title incoming that I think will change the community forever and has the potential to obtain a ton of new players and keep a ton of old players, like me, who grow increasingly spiteful towards a lot of new titles and updates.

And that game is DIVEKICK!

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The Life and Times of Tony Ortiz #2 - State of the Tag Team Address

I watch Tekken on stream more than any other game. It is because of two simple factors. First, it’s my favorite game of the games that get regular streaming time. Second, if air dashers got more streaming time, I would probably spend more time watching those games. But from that I must digress and get to the topic of this writing which is Tekken. Since I watch more Tekken than any other game on stream and it’s one of the few games I actually practice, I think my opinion is a bit more qualified when it comes to talking about what people think about the viability of the characters in the game as opposed to your average stream monster. I usually don’t delve into tiers or rankings in writing just because I’m the kind of person that feels when you take to pen and paper or in this case typing, you are putting something concrete that indicates some experience and reasoning on a more accountable level than just conversation. But here I think I have some really good points and I definitely am not going to try to make my own precise tier list. So let’s take a small glance at the roster.

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The Life and Times of Tony Ortiz #1 - Finding Your Main: Persona 4 Arena Edition

So I finally picked up Persona 4 Arena at the urging of my tag team partner Clinton “Navigator” Bowman and I sat down and tried to figure out who I wanted to play. Now much to my dismay after playing each character in practice mode for about fifteen minutes and examining their normals, specials and supers, I couldn’t decide on a single character that I liked in terms of playstyle. Usually, I’m torn between at least two characters, if not more. Yet, through the decent amount of hours I’ve put in watching P4A since it launched, I had to admit to myself that I still don’t watch it, or seek good footage of it out, at the level I seek out footage of Guilty Gear or BlazBlue. So, that being said I suppose it’s not even that surprising that in over six months of watching the game I never noticed that not a single character truly fits my favored air dasher play style. At first I wasn’t sure how to explain my style because it’s kind of a hybrid, but I’ve settled on the following criteria for what I look for in an air dasher character: Good normals (above average in total, some safe ground normals, at least one good anti-air ground normal, at least one good air to ground normal, at least one good air to air normal), at least two great pokes (at least one solid low poke preferred), good high/low normal mix-ups, a good dash OR a decent way to get in if it isn’t a good dash. Now that really isn’t a lot when you really think about it. If you look at who I play in GG and BB, Slayer and Jin, they both meet this criteria. Generally the characters I play in most other games meet this criteria: Adon (SF4, and others), Ken (3S), etc. Really, the only game I don’t play this style in is MvC2 and that’s because you simply can’t play this kind of style in a Marvel game. I guess you could call this a Poke heavy, pick your spots, punish, hit confirm and follow up with good mix up plus oki style.

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